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Welcome to The Quintiles Creative Services Site

We leverage our experience across a variety of therapeutic areas to provide you with customized strategic brand solutions designed to make a lasting impression and distinguish you from the competition. Our experienced staff generates innovative ideas in both print and/or interactive/digital media and offers cutting-edge deliverables. Our high level of customer satisfaction is a testament to the quality of our work and we will continue to strive to raise the bar and offer services that exceed customer expectations.

What Are Our Specialties?

We pride ourselves on our experience across a broad range of therapeutic categories, including cardiovascular, endocrinology, gerontology/aging, neurology, oncology, women's health, and sleep disorders. This expertise accrued over 15+ years raises creativity to a new level, while maintaining the scientific integrity, to provide our customers with relevant, innovative deliverables to support their scientific communications.

Let's hear from you.

Thank you for visiting our site. Quintiles Creative Services offers a variety of customized deliverables and this site is continuously being updated to reflect the dynamic nature of our department. We invite you to share your challenges and allow us to provide you with customized, creative, and innovative medical education solutions.
Please contact:

John De Luca

Director of Operations

Quintiles Medical Communications -US

QPubTracker Release

Managing your publications is an integral, part of your medical communications plan. Keeping your records current and identifying gaps in your plan is essential for comprehensive strategic development.
The QPubTracker is an in-house, intuitive, customizable publication management system developed by professionals to simplify publication timeline management. The QPubTracker offers more than just tracking the review of publications. It is a strategic planning tool that allows users to see the big picture when moving the brand forward. And seeing the big picture is a good thing.

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